iXpert - Inhouse ERP Application

ixpert Interactive Solutions has precisely developed ixpert – Enterprise Management System (EMS) to facilitate efficient management.

  • The software is highly customizable according to the unique needs of different businesses.
  • Developed into powerful and complex data collection programs
  • Provide all POS functions
  • Complete Solution for retailers
  • Interfaced with multiple functional areas of business

With over 1000 satisfied clients acquired over 10+ years in GCC and India, iXpert provides software solutions for your complete operations.

We are unique in offering options of ERP on the Windows platform working in online/offline mode with distributed/central database as well as browser-based versions which work online and central database. All versions are completely customizable quickly and safely without needing to alter the source code.

iXpert allows you to manage your entire process including Financial Accounting, Sales and Purchase Ordering, Inventory control with multiple locations, Export and Import, Multi-currencies, Taxation including Duty, VAT, etc, Retail and distribution, POS with promotions, offers, schemes, damages, Payroll, etc.

Inventory Controls

  • Maintains sales, costs of goods and inventory ledgers
  • Inventory depletion based on sales
  • Inventory usage forecast capability
  • Create, review, & edit purchase orders
  • Track historical inventory purchase

Complete Purchase modules to help you in tracking your sales right from the enquiry generation. The software captures all the details from enquiry generation to collection against the invoice raised.

  • Purchase Indent & Purchase Order
  • Material Receipts / Goods Receipts Note
  • Purchase Invoice & Purchase Return
  • Quotations

Complete the Sales module with workflow to help you in tracking your sales right from the order generation. The software captures all the details from order generation to collection against the invoice raised.

  • Sales Order (with Variance levels)
  • Delivery Note / Challan
  • Sales Invoice, Sales return & Quotations
  • BOMs & Multiple BOMs
  • Production Orders
  • Issues to & Receipts from Production
  • Production Modifications
  • Order Closing

Reporting Tools

  • Flexi Reports
  • Design reports by query
  • Split Reports
  • Change column properties
  • Filter Data & sorting Columns
  • Positions
  • Formulae
  • Add  and hide Columns

The user can dock the screens and menu according to his ease of access.

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